Our restaurant favors the best of Portuguese cuisine and our kitchen bets on tradition, through the making of various delicacies of our country, respecting the quality they demand.

Palmeira Restaurant



Vegetables Soup
"Caldo Verde" (Portuguese cabbage soup)


Lettuce salad
Tomato salad
Mixed salad


"Queijo da serra" (Cheese)
Biscuit cake
Almond pie
Nut pie
Puff Pastry cake
Homemade Cream Milk
Fruit salad
Melon slice



Melon with Smoked Ham
Ham Omelet
Smoked Ham Omelet
Champignon Omelet
Shrimp Omelet
Hake Mayonnaise
Shrimp Mayonnaise


Braga Style Cod
Barbecued Cod
Baked Cod with vegetables
Hake fillets with Russian Salad
Halibut fillets with potatoes and vegetables
Octopus fillets with potatoes and vegetables
Grilled or fried Hake
Marinated Sardines
Grilled Squid Maitre d'Hotel style
Fried or grilled Sole
Grilled Salmon w / Smoked Ham
Fried or grilled Sea bass
Fried or grilled Swordfish


"Tripas à moda do Porto"
Oven baked Pork Loin w / potato and spinach puree
"Picanha" Brazil style
Grilled beef steak (Ox)
Oven roasted Kid with oven baked potato and rice
Turkey steaks with champignon sauce with potatoes and vegetables
Stewed tongue with peas
"Alheira" (type of sausage) with egg, potatoes and sprouts
Palmeira style steak
Portuguese style steak
Grilled Veal Steak
Grilled Beef Steak
Grilled Sirloin Steak
Grilled Veal Chop
Grilled Pork Chop
Grilled Beef Chop (Ox) (2. people)
In our restaurant you can also enjoy other delicacies . . .